*Rejuvenate* Body Cream

*Rejuvenate* Body Cream

  • $9.49

Our rejuvenating cream is the lightest, fluffiest moisturizer in the world! It is specifically formulated to seal in moisture, allowing your skin to become soft, and supple all day long!!! With 10 luxurious scents to choose from, you will smell delicious while enjoying the many benefits of using a product devoid of any harsh chemicals!!! Our rejuvenating cream is excellent for people who suffer from what we like to call "hungry skin" where Typically water based products don't work for those with hungry skin and they need a heavier oil based cream to lock in moisture and keep the skin full of life and luster all day long! This cream is also very effective for those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.



shea butter

coconut oil

vegetable glycerin

olive oil

fragrance (except original and chocolate delight

Cocoa butter (only in chocolate delight)

Palm oil (only in chocolate delight