Pit tox (arm pit detox)

Pit tox (arm pit detox)

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Distilled water

Organic Apple cider vinegar

Activated charcoal

Diatamacious earth

Bentonite clay


Tea tree oil


Instructions for natural deodorant users

If your just starting your transition, you want to start by detoxing your armpits for 10 to 15 minutes( or until dry) for 7 days or nights ( when ever you shower) straight. After initial 7 day detox it's recommended you detox at least once a week to maintain healthy armpits!

Simply take a finger tip full of pit tox and apply and rub in your armpits until you have covered the area with an even layer of pit tox. We recommend you do a prewash with warmwater under your arms before applying, then after it dries, wash it off in the shower, then we recommend using one of our natural deodorants(not a requirement but highly recommended) to complete your detox routine)